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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loafing About

This, I'm happy to report, is my final post regarding leavened bread. I couldn't rest until I had made a loaf of bread that could be sliced and enjoyed with some peanut butter and jelly, or as luck may have it, some homemade strawberry preserves made with French rosé. It sounds snootier than it is. I was just trying not to use sugar in the preserves, and wine seemed like a good alternative. Here are some baguettes I made a few days ago as well. Only the photo exists now - the baguettes are history, thanks to a pot of cheese fondue and the company of friends.
With all of this loafing about, you must think I'm as big as a house (I am, and you do), but I am back on a strict walking regime. Of course, one has to walk the equivalent of the Great Wall to work off this much starch. And I probably should not bring a baguette with me when I'm out strolling.


  1. Bread is the staff of life -- perfect for walking?

  2. That will be my excuse from now on. I need a walking bread stick.