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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Yarmulke

So now I've really done it. I've crocheted a yarmulke (the only thing stranger than how that sentence looks is the fact that I made a yarmulke for a Seder to which I brought homemade matzoh and horseradish). What next? Will I perform a bris? Hopefully not. To balance things out, I also spent about 4 hours making an Easter egg out of tiny dots punched from paint color sample cards. The egg is approximately 1.5 inches high, and it used approximately 200 individually-glued dots of varying sizes. It is a truly mindless activity, a sort of artistic coma.


  1. that is a beautiful photo the yarmulke, it looks like it is jeweled. very nice.

  2. what a nice yarmulke! it is way different than the others I can't believe that it's crocheted! yeah, looks like its jeweled. nice job!

    Jasper @ Best Kippah