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Friday, May 7, 2010

Got Wood?

A good friend (I'll call him "John," mainly because his name is John) is a fine woodworker. His latest creations are cylindrical containers made out of cocobolo wood, which is not related, as far as I know,* to cocoa or bolo ties. He recently gave me this beautiful piece with the caveat that I find a use for it. The hollow is about a quarter inch shy of holding toothpicks, which was my first inclination. Now, I'm at a loss and I really must report back with a use for this tubular container. I've thought about filling it with after-dinner mints and keeping it on the table during dinner parties, but this seems a little forced. So I am taking suggestions.

*Yes. This is actually a footnote. I had one of those moments, only possible in the Google Age (I'm sure this will become part of the lexicon, which is unfortunate since it doesn't have the same ring as the Golden Age or even the Ice Age). As soon as I stated that cocobolo wood is not related to bolo ties, I googled "cocobolo bolo ties" and immediately came across a woodworker who creates bolo ties out of cocobolo. There is no such thing as an original thought. Not that I thought cocobolo ties hadn't been considered before. On the other hand, I may have just been the first person ever to use the word cocobolo three times in a single sentence.


  1. Um, Q-tips are too long?
    How about:
    Safety matche holder - the ones made of balsa wood?
    Stowing quarters.
    Dead bug mausoleum.
    Salt cellar? (but you'd need a spoon)
    Fennel seed holder for after dinner.
    Secret stash for keys.

  2. You must have spent hours on that list. Seriously, my mind was done after it came up with dinner mints. Cat treats and superballs have also been suggested as possible container items. I love the mausoleum idea, though. It might be my favorite.

  3. OK. I have a new security word for you: parliamentary silage. I think it may have something to do with the new UK government?