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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Insect Aside

I was really going strong as a blogger. For a while. Then I became a little distracted with some uac events (urban artists collective - a group I co-founded with Patricia Sahertian). We dabbled in the art of silk painting a few weeks ago. I painted some houseflies onto my piece of silk, not because I thought it would be pretty, but because I thought flies were sort of the antithesis of silky material. Mostly, however, I've been focused on uac's first gallery show. SPOILER ALERT: I'm going to do some shameless self-promotion now. The show opens Friday, June 4 and runs through the end of July (but try to come to the opening reception on First Friday) at Willo North Gallery, south of Thomas Road on the east side of 7th Avenue (in Phoenix - just in case my following has gone outside the city limits). There are seven artists, including myself, who are featured along with the creations of uac sponsored events. You've seen my art here (if you follow this blog, which is doubtful since I haven't updated in weeks), so there's nothing new there. But come see this show. It is truly a beautiful exhibition. And I never say things like that. Plus, if you don't show up, I'll force you to wear a silk scarf covered in insects.

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