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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Knitting and Pretzels

I've recently completed some small projects, and according to the blog bible (the Bloble), I'm supposed to report everything that I do as if it is of interest to everyone. So today, before I embark on making soft pretzels (I'll post a photo later), I am exhibiting my knitted items like some midwestern crafter at a state fair. One item is an IPOD holder (which I love, but can't imagine it eliciting excitement in anyone else). The other item is a pair of socks I made for Robrt, loosely based on a pair of childhood socks that he has some inexplicable affection for (pretty run-of-the-mill tube socks from the 60's). There's also a hat, which I wear despite the fact that it makes me look like Rhoda Morgenstern.

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